270VDC Ground Power Cable

270VDC Aircraft Ground Power Cable
Product shown: 270VDC Ground Power Cable

270VDC Ground Power Cable

The MCM 270 VDC single jacketed, multi-conductor aircraft cable offers significant advantages and cost savings over other ground power cables.

 The 270 VDC Cable Connector is built for longevity with the added benefit of replaceable nose cover and contacts. The yellow nose cover is molded from Hypalon® a highly abrasion resistant material. High grade silver plated copper alloy is used for the contacts resulting in a minimum of 90% conductivity.

 The MCM 270 VDC aircraft cable meets the electrical and environmental requirements of SAE AS5756 (former MIL-C-5756) and the cable head SAE AS7974 (former MIL-C-7974). 

Advantages & Features

  • Ideally suited for any 270 VDC applications, including the F-22 & F-35 aircraft
  • Resistant to petroleum products & environmental deterioration
  • Pressure extruded, neoprene outer cable jacket
  • Low inductance design
  • Balanced low profile configuration
270VDC cable connector

Product shown: 270VDC Male connector for extension cable

270VDC Cable Spec Diagram


Weight Per Foot

2.0 lbs. (0.91 kg)

Overall Diameter

1.58 in. (4.01 cm)

Voltage Rating


Outer Jacket

1.58 in. (4.01 cm)

Inner Jacket

1.44 in. (3.66 cm)

Power Conductor

8 # 8 AWG (8 mm2)

Neutral Wire

8 # 8 AWG (8 mm2)

Control Wires

6 #14 AWG (2 mm2)

Bending Radius

6.5 in. (16.5 cm)

Ambient Temperature


    - Operating

-67°F to 130°F (-55°C to 55°C)

    - Storage

-67°F to 150°F (-55°C to 65°C)



    - Inner Jacket:

Heavy Duty Neoprene per MIL-C-13777.

    - Reinforcement:

High Tension. Low Stretch Cross, Wrapped Thread.

    - Outer Jacket:

Heavy Duty Neoprene per MIL-C-13777. Bonded to Reinforcement and inner jacket.

  • Custom cable lengths
  • Nose repair kits available
  • Individual contacts available
  • Cable scuff guard
  • Special plugs or second connector for use as an extension cable or with a wall mounted receptacle



270VDC Cable Head Detail