Battery Charger Power Cable

400Hz Battery Charger Cable
Product shown: Battery Charger Power Cable

Battery Charger Power Cable

The MCM Battery Charger Cable is a result of the collaborated efforts of industry engineers, OEM’s and most importantly the end users to develop a cutting edge output cable. The Battery Charger Cable is built for longevity with molded connector, replaceable contacts and nose cover. The multi-conductor banded cables results in a more efficient and economical operation by increased durability and a reduction in system down time. The cable is available in standard or custom lengths to accommodate various installation configurations.

Advantages & Features

  • Easily maintainable
  • Low repair cost
  • Low pressure insertion
  • Highly flexibility
  • Balanced low profile configuration
  • Resistant to abrasion, petroleum products & ozone/environmental deterioration
  • Ideally suited for most common intelligent fast charging applications
  • Lugs or Euro Connector on connection end

Battery Charger Cable DD13-6377-XX


Weight Per Ft.

1 lbs. (approx.)

Bundle Diameter

1.5 in. (diamond shape)

Voltage Rating

600 VAC


300 A

Voltage Drop

0.06 Volt/Ft.

Power Conductors
(Pos., Neg.)

#1/0 AWG (54 mm2)
34 gauge Class M Stranding

Control Wires
(2 cables)

2c,#12 AWG (3.3 mm2)

Ambient Temperature



-67°F to 130°F (-55°C to 55°C)


-67°F to 150°F (-55°C to 65°C)

  • Custom cable lengths
  • Custom wire sizes