400Hz Distribution Wire

400Hz Distribution Wire
Product shown: 400Hz Distribution Wire

400Hz Distribution Wire

MCM Engineering specializes in 400Hz central systems and product design.  An integral part of a 400Hz system is the Distribution Wire used to distribute the power from the generating source to each point of use within the system.

MCM distribution wire is triplexed to our specifications to reduce the high voltage loss characteristic in 400Hz power transmission. The wires for conduit installation are typically configured with 3 or 7 conductors.

Advantages & Features

  • 400Hz, 600V rated
  • Planetary wrap construction
  • Color coded
  • Nominal voltage drop
  • NEC Article 310 standard
  • VW-1 flame retardant
  • UL Standard 44

400Hz Transmission Wire Diagram
  • Custom voltages
  • Custom conductor sizes & insulation
  • Custom color coding & markings
  • Direct burial type single jacketed and multi-conductor cable