400Hz Portable Motor Generator

400Hz Portable Motor Generator
Product shown: MCM 400Hz Portable Motor Generator

400Hz Portable Motor Generator

Get the same reliability, durability and quality of the fixed 400Hz Kato Motor-Generator (MG) set design in a portable configuration.

Backed by over 85 years of design innovation, Kato MG sets were the first rotating product Kato Engineering manufactured back in 1926 and have evolved over the years to meet our aviation customer’s special requirements and power demands of the aviation industry.

Kato Engineering’s 400Hz Portable MG sets supply conditioned and converted generator power. Inputs are available for both 50Hz and 60Hz with power options of 150kVA and 180kVA.

Advantages & Features

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Trailer mounted.
  • Long standing life cycles in excess of 100,000 hours.
  • 12” Touch Screen, Human Machine Interface (HMI).
  • Ethernet/IP communications standard.
  • Low harmonics.
  • Protective relays.
  • Transient spike protection.
  • High overload capacity.

Standard Models










MG Set

Speed: 1200 RPM
Efficiency: See table below
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Overload: 110%, 2/24 hours
Temperature: 95°C rise/ 40°C ambient
Insulation: Class H
Excitation: Brushless synchronous
Construction: Open dripproof enclosure for rotating part. Common frame single-shaft two-bearing horizontal construction for low vibration and ease of maintenance. Stator built with silicon electrical steel laminations. Coils are film-insulated copper wire vacuum-pressure impregnated with a Class H insulation system. Rotor is laminated steel with field winding of insulated copper wire, impregnated with 100% solids resin. Bearings are re-greasable antifriction with grease fittings accessible while running.

Motor Component

Type: Synchronous
Poles: 6
Frequency: 60Hz
Phase: 3
Connection: Wye
Voltage: 480V
Power Factor: 1.0 nominal
NEMA Code: “A” in S-P start
Inrush Amps: See table below
Starts/hour: 2 (1 cold/1 hot per NEMA MG-1 21.13.1)
Transient: Per table below

Generator Component

Type: Synchronous
Poles: 40
Frequency: 400Hz
Phase: 3
Connection: Wye
kVA and kW: See table below
Voltage: See table below
Power Factor: 0.8
Voltage Balance: 1% with balanced load (MIL-STD-704F), 4% with 33% unbalanced current
Waveform: 3% max. T.H.D., 2% max. individual harmonic w.r.t. fundamental, linear load
Transient: See table below

Controls Component

Enclosure: NEMA 1 steel mounted on top of the M-G set. Cable entry through top.


  • Audible Alarm: Provides audible indication of monitored failures at the M-G. Includes alarm-silence control.
  • UL Listed: UL-508 Industrial Control listing.
  • EMI suppression to Mil 461C, Class C2 UM04, part 9 (or equivalent latest revision) on panel but not tested.
  • Sound Attenuation Enclosures
  • Weather-proof enclosures with forklift and crane lift provisions.
  • Coastal insulation protection (CIP) system: This system includes an asphalt epoxy application and curing process on the exciters. Once cured, asphalt epoxy is very difficult to remove even by sanding and machining making this material appropriate protection material for coastal and for more rigorous environmental applications.