28VDC Power Supplies

28VDC Fixed Power Supply
Product shown: 28VDC Fixed Power Supply

28VDC Power Supplies

MCM Engineering offers 28VDC Power Supply’s designed for use with parked aircraft requiring 28VDC ground power. The Power Supply is used in conjunction with a 400Hz power source, transforming 400Hz, 115VAC power to 28VDC. 

MCM 28VDC Power Supply’s can be fixed or moved (portable configuration) from gate to gate allowing the unit to be placed in close proximity to the aircraft position insuring a minimal DC voltage drop ultimately improving the quality of power delivered.

28VDC Power Supply’s come complete with a voltmeter, ammeter and protective circuits.

The MCM 28VDC Power Supply is the perfect piece of equipment for supporting your commercial and military traffic requiring 28VDC ground power.

Advantages & Features

  • Outdoor rated enclosure
  • Standard 400Hz aircraft connector input
  • Aircraft Protection
  • 2000A overload capacity
  • Lightweight

28VDC Aircraft Power Cable diagram


400Hz, 115/200V, 3ph

Input Current:

130 A (45kVA @ 1600A Output)


28.5 VDC
400A Continuous
1000A 5 Minutes
1600A 1 Minute
2000A 10 Seconds

Metering and Controls:

Over Voltage



Over Voltage
Power Available
Contactor Closed
Contactor Closed


Contactor ON
Contactor OFF
Lamp Reset


Front Panel Light
Oversized Heat Sink and Diodes
Input Aircraft Receptacle with E/F Feedback


375 LBS

  • Fixed or mobile configurations