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MCM has supplied a wide variety of equipment to a diverse global customer base. MCM equipment can be found in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, Pakistan, Europe, Sweden and the Middle East. We proudly support all branches of the United States military with systems and products in use from Florida to Alaska; from the most challenging environment of a seaside Landing Craft apron to the most sensitive performance of an anechoic chamber. In the United States, we have supplied 400 Hz ground power equipment for systems at airports in New York City, Baltimore, San Antonio, Seattle, Anchorage, Newark and San Francisco. Additionally, we are well known for our expertise in ground power designs for maintenance hangars.

Designing 400Hz Systems Worldwide

World Map of MCM Projects


Royal Saudi Air Force, Tornado Sustainment Facility, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Awarded a contract to supply the power distribution equipment for a new dual bay major overhaul facility for the Royal Saudi Air Force

MCM supplied twenty-one (21) plinths (service delivery equipment), resistive and reactive load banks and aircraft cables. The plinths contain 400Hz, 28VDC, 50Hz and 60Hz receptacles and cable outputs.

MCM Job No.: J06-3226 :

Puget Sound Projects


MCM Engineering has worked with Boeing closely for the past 20 years to develop and enhance the quality of 400 Hz power and equipment at many of the aircraft fabrication plants. Boeing has recognized MCM for outstanding work and continues to be one of MCM's best customers. The scope of our many Boeing projects spans engineering design, maintenance, service, complete central systems, point of use equipment, supplying aircraft cables, and commissioning. Some of our major Boeing projects:

  • Charleston South Carolina 787 Assembly Plant
  • Charleston South Carolina 787 Flightline
  • Everett Assembly Plant: Central systems for the 747, 767, 777 and now the 787 final assembly buildings.
  • Everett Flightline: 400 Hz power for two central systems serving the entire Flightline and Paint Hangars.
  • North Boeing Field Flightline: Central systems serving positions for Flightlines A, B & C.
  • North Boeing Field Flighttest: Specialized 400 Hz equipment for 787 Flighttest positions.
  • Renton Plant: 400 Hz power systems for the 737 Assembly building and Aprons A & D.

MCM powers every commercial Boeing aircraft during assembly, paint, test and delivery!

Port of Seattle, North Satellite

MCM provided all of the 400Hz equipment for the renovation of the 12 Gate North Satellite Central System. The Port elected to purchase two 400 kVA motor generators, cable hoists, MCM's single jacketed aircraft cables and gate boxes. We provided 90 kVA single output and 140 kVA dual output gate boxes with integral line drop compensators. MCM also provided project commissioning for system start-up and testing.


Alaska Project

Alaska Airlines, Anchorage International Airport

MCM worked directly for Alaska Airlines to design and install a 9 Gate Terminal "C" Central System. The central plant consist of two 312 kVA motor generators operating in parallel, distribution panel with LSIG breakers and line drop compensators for each branch circuit. The gate equipment includes a pantograph for carrying the 400Hz cable over the loading bridge, a 90 kVA gate box and aircraft cable. The system was designed to handle all of Alaska's present needs and the system can be expanded to at least 12 gates.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Project

Alsalam Aircraft Company, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

MCM was awarded a contract for the design of a central system for the Tornado maintenance facility. The project included one 250kVA motor generator, distribution panel, distribution wire and four MCM Aircraft Service Plinths. The Plinths contain, 400 Hz gate box, 28VDC transformer/rectifiers and wide range of 60 Hz utility power receptacles.


Baltimore, Maryland Project

Maryland Aviation Authority

MCM was awarded the 11 Gate 400Hz Central System for Southwest Airlines Terminal Expansion Pier A & B. The system consists of two 312 kVA motor generators located in the connector section of the pier. Six of the loading bridges are located on Pier A and five are located along terminal A/B. The system includes distribution panel, distribution wire, 90kVA gate boxes with integral line drop compensators, cable hoist with pushbutton station and aircraft cable.