400Hz Resistive & Reactive Load Banks

400Hz Load Banks
Product shown: 90kVA Resistive & Reactive Load Bank (Part no. DD2-5113-2, Cart not shown

400Hz Resistive & Reactive Load Banks

MCM Load Banks help you check the overall health and fitness of your 400Hz systems and equipment by accurately mimicking the realistic load produced by an aircraft and simulating what the power source would experience. A properly sized load bank is a valuable tool to maintain 400Hz system and equipment reliability.

MCM load banks are available as individual 54kVAR reactive and 72KW resistive units or in assemblies of 90kVA and 180kVA.

Load banks can be operated individually, though the only true way to replicate a 400Hz aircraft load is to utilize a reactive and resistive load bank in series. This is accomplished by connecting the load banks with an interconnect cable.

A 90kVA assembly (Reactive & Resistive) allows for testing at a full 90kVA. The 180kVA assembly incorporates two (2) each of the 72KW and 54kVAR individual load banks, allowing for exclusive split bus load capability for Boeing 747-400 and 777 aircraft at a full 180kVA load. Both configurations allow for the uneven load distribution required for realistic simulation of aircraft power loading.

Advantages & Features

  • Realistic aircraft load simulation
  • 5 step load testing
  • E/F Feedback
  • Weather resistant enclosure




W x D x (H x T)




345   LBS

3”-2” x 1’-9” x 1’-4”

Individual Reactive Load Bank



155   LBS

3”-2” x 1’-9” x 1’-4””

Individual Resistive Load Bank



1350 LBS

3’-6”’ x 4’-6” x 4’-5”

2 Reactive & 2 Resistive Load Banks w/Cart



690   LBS

3’-6” x 1’-9” x 4’-5”

1 Reactive & 1 Resistive Load Banks w/Cart

  • Infinite Load Modulation
  • Interconnecting Aircraft Cable
  • Reusable Shipping Container