Motor Generator Sets

Advantages of Ground Power Motor-Generators over Solid State Solutions

Kato™ motor-generator (MG) sets offer many advantages over solid-state units:

  • Long Life: The mean time before failure (MTBF) for a motor-generator is in excess of 100,000 hours (with a 100,000 L10h bearing life). This is four times the average MTBF of a solid state converter.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: KATO offers a horizontal, single-shaft design, which means that there are no couplings, gears or belts to wear out. KATO exciters are brushless; there are no commutators or brushes to replace.
  • Low Harmonics: Harmonics can be a contributing factor in nuisance tripping of the circuit breakers, transformer failures and incidental damage to electronic components. MGs have a smooth sine wave generated by the mechanical construction of the generator resulting in negligible harmonic distrortion.
  • Dual Exciters: KATO MGs have dual exciters, one for the motor and another for the generator. This allows the equipment to operate at unity or even a leading power factor. The results are lower energy costs through the reduction of power factor demand charges and lower input current.
  • Transient Spike Protection: MGs provide isolated protection for the aircraft from 60Hz transient power spikes. The physical construction of the motor generator makes it impossible for a transient to go through the equipment. While most aircraft come equipped with internal protective measures, some airlines do not purchase this option. A transient spike can cause significant damage to an aircraft's electrical circuits.
  • High Overload Capability: MGs are better suited to take short-term overload situations (300% of nominal amps for 3 seconds). Overload conditions, while not common, can occur when aircraft hydraulic motors or ovens operate.
  • Environmental Conditions: MGs are more robust and are able to operate in more severe conditions than solid state converters. The windings of KATO motor generators are vacuum-pressure impregnated for maximum protection.
  • Proven Technology: KATO MGs are built with the latest technology and are backed by 85 years of experience in building rotary motor generators.

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