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San Francisco International Airport (SFO): United Airlines Terminal, c. 1962

MCM Engineering recommends annual 400Hz Ground Power System Evaluation Service. The service consists of an MCM factory trained Field Service Specialist (FSS) inspecting and testing all equipment and components comprising the 400Hz ground power generation system.

A complete load testing of the system is performed utilizing MCM Engineering 400Hz resistive and reactive load banks in series to replicate actual loads produced by aircraft. The system is tested under load to determine any weaknesses or abnormalities within the system while also highlighting any needed adjustments for performance optimization.

A complete written report of all findings is generated including recommendations in order to establish a historical record and to determine future system preventative maintenance.


  • Motor-Generators & Solid State Frequency converters
  • Electrical Distribution
  • Gate  Boxes (contactor boxes)
  • Cable Reels (retrieval system)
  • Aircraft  Cables


  • Safety
  • System Optimization
  • Life Cycle extension 
  • Capital Expenditure Planning
  • Preventative Maintenance Planning


MCM Engineering also offers 400Hz Aircraft Cable Repair Service to extend the life of our customer’s cables with considerable cost savings, customers can send their used non-operational cables to the MCM Factory Facility where a thorough diagnostic test is performed to determine if the cable can be repaired. If the cable is repairable; a new connector head will be molded on to the original cable. 

MCM Engineering can repair the vast majority of aircraft cables for roughly 1/3 of the original cost. This is accomplished by molding our connector on to the cable of any aircraft cable manufacturer.

Below is an example of an unserviceable connector head that was removed and replaced with a new connector attached and molded on to the original cable. 

* All aircraft cables with newly molded connector heads include replaceable base, pins and Gold-X Nose cover (optional).

Before: Damaged unserviceable connector head

After: New molded connector head with replaceable base, pins & Gold-X Nose cover.